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Thread: New 250x BNG's

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    New 250x BNG's

    The more and more I see the new 250x graphics the more I like it. Why don't they ever put the good colors on the first year out? The old ultra looked killer in the green too.. Wait, there was the exception of the STXR. It never looked the same though after the first year...

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    Hmm i feel your pain.. It sucked after getting a blue 250, then to come around and see this nice green ultra.. What makes it worst is green is my fav color! Thought they would have at least stood there ground by coming out with the green from the get-go.. Instead of going with two of the competitors main colors..Thanks for coming back to reality kawi! lol

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    You could always sell and buy a new green one. Its called marketing, they have to improve year to year in some way to get you to buy the newest model. I know what you guys are saying though, I like the green too.

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