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    07 LBTC Race DVD from

    Just got me a DVD of the LBTC race. Man was it cool. Helo Camera shots with Aerial Filming for most of the race.

    Vary well done and for sure a huge step in the proper direction to market and expose the sport. Simply an awesome DVD

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    +1 on that Skips. SOCALOFFSHORE did a great job in making the video. The helocopters in the sky during the race was bad a$$ too! If you havent seen it, go pick you one up. Its very well put together. This upcoming years race will be bigger, and better. I'm sure Mark will have some stuff up his sleeve. Hey Skips, I briefly met you at the WF's this year. You and your lady coming out to the LB2CAT race in 08. You've seen the video and know what to expect. Come on man....You've got some local guys out here that will show you around the Pac. Ocean...Last year we had some G-Force racers from Texas out here.

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    I might be coming to help some guys with the Pulley Kit.

    We have been flying all over doing work on the 250. We just got back from Guadeloupe and are now headed to Grand Caymen.

    I'm learning so much from endurance racing that its getting to the point that CC racing seems boring.
    I am now building the ultimate offshore boat as I just got a substantial amount of funds to build a brand new 08 Ultra with everything we can possibly do to it.

    I have a 15K budget for the offshore unit and 20K for the CC unit. We should be able to wrangle something out of this monster.

    The DVD gave some really good input and reviewing of riding style and rider position. I will post all my work as we do it.

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    Skip - Thanks for the positive feedback regarding the DVD, coming from you Skip, that means a great deal - thanks brotha.

    As I've said before, we're thrilled that you've decided to build an offshore craft, I can only imagine what you'll have together in the next few months - trust me when I tell you that you will have a captive audience here in Southern Cal.
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