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    I have a 97 SS 750, its completly bone stock. For some reason it runs fine then you go thru some chop or somthing that vibrates it and it stalls out. I had the pump resealed and checked out but it dident help. I can cut it off and rock it back and forth and let it set and it might run and not. The ski revs up and shakes terrible and just barly plows thru the water. It might take off for a thought but stalls back. I have to admit Me and my Brother cracked the footwells in the back. Now we patched it and put down more than enough and it is stronger than ever. My guy that does my engine work says it sucking air somewhere on the deck. But still the pump is sealed up inside right? Im at a loss. If anyone can help or knows anthing please help.

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    Does it smoke a lot when you restart? Sounds to me like a fuel issue, but we will let the experts chime in here

    Anything else change recently. Did you roll it? Hear anything weird?

    Have you checked compression?

    My 750 actually would run, not well, but it would run with 2 blown pistons

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    I think that Sean is on the right track. Check the compression and check/clean the carb(s).

    I would also check all of the electrical connections to make sure that they are tight and clean.

    Let us know what you find.

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    Its hard to diagnose with the info you have given,If it normally runs fine until you hit a wake then stumbles and runs rough,It can be as simple as a fouled plug,,I think from what you said it is either a loose plug cap,fouled plug,or the 750s are known for the plug that comes from stator trigger right in top of electric box ,comes loose,right under the two bolts that hold the cap on electric box,there is two plugs underneath one with 2 brown one black wire,and a 4 way plug,that is trigger and ignition,this gets loose or corroded,the fix is to unplug it clean both sides with wd40,then plug it in,using a tiny 4" tie wrap go through the middle of the four wires around both plug halves and cinch it up!Also check the plug caps you could have one that is worn out or loose,You have to cut the small tie wrap holding on plug wire,then unscrew spark plug cap,you will see that the plug wire is burnt back .so cut off 1/2" of the plug wire,put a little wd40 on plug wire and screw plug cap back on until its tight about 3 to 4 turns,then tie wrap it.These are both problem areas in high hr. 750 kawas.I know I had all brands repair shop for 13 yrs. Hope this helps>Marvin

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