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Thread: 2 blower fans

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    2 blower fans

    Would I be able to wire an additional blower fan to my existing blower wiring? I am fabing up a cold air intake and would like the convenience of turning on the fan from the cockpit. This is for my Challenger 180 SCIC sportboat fyi.

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    Yes, it depends on how you wired up the first fan. Own circut to the battery? I would wire it up it parallel and you will need a bigger fuse if its not big enough already. If you know the amp draw on each fan you can do the math for a parallel circuit for current total. Then increase your fuse by 20% of the total current draw for the in rush current from starting up. The easier way is to hook the ammeter up in series with the circut if you dont have a clamp on meter to get your amps.
    This stuff might confuse most people but I use to do this stuff for a living and some people can relate to me. I wired one fan so far controlled by a relay to turn off and on with the ski but Im think of adding another fan also.

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    The boat comes with a stock blower fan, I'm just hooking up the second fan to the existing blower fan wiring. This way the stock rocker switch will turn on both. I'll check the amp draw of each motor, they're both identical and verify the current fuse that is in the panel. Thx for the help

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