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    What I want to be when I grow up.

    At school today, we had a discussion about what we wanted to be when we grow up. I first thought about the times when I was younger. I would sit and watch marathons of the show Cops, and dream about being a police officer. To date I think that would be an exciting job, because you never really know what's going to happen next.

    While sitting there, other kids said things like Golf pros at the country club, taking on pops business, designer..etc.

    I couldn't think of anything on the top of my head. So I started to think about what I love doing best. What I do when I say I am doing homework. What I do when I am "in bed asleep". That is posting here on the hulk, and thinking about riding and working on my jet ski.

    I messaged Jerry, asking about his store ( 4 tec ) and later on he brought up the idea of being a jet ski dealer.

    Instantly I got a smile on my face. To me, that would be my type of job. Owning a Power-sport dealership, specializing in Jet ski sales, part, and service.

    I saw myself walking into the showroom that was lined with hundreds of jet skis, in a room with 50 ft. High ceilings.

    Keeping Riva, R&D, ProTec, Beach House and other parts/brands in stock 24/7.

    A dealership where you can go and buy a jet ski, and if wanted you can buy performance parts like a Stage 2 Riva kit, or Stage 1 or 3, and have it installed, with barely any wait time.

    Somewhere where you can take your head to, and have it milled. Get a trued and welded crank, or a BB system. All in one Place!

    I wonder though, being in 8th grade. Going to a college prep. school, and not really having too much of an idea of what classes I need to take, and which ones I don't need to worry about has much ( latin class ). Not knowing if this is even possible to me, and if this is just one of those things that eventually I will realize the chances are slim of it happening.

    I ask you other hulk members, if you have any ideas of what I can do to hopefully make this become a reality?

    Ex: Work at the local Yamaha Shop, and try to become manager.

    May sound like I am making this sound " cheesy " but I am honestly asking, for my future what I need to do.

    What are classes to take, and which ones do I not have to take. (in Highschool)

    For example Chemistry. Should I take a lower chemistry class, and take a higher class in another area?

    In between 9 and 10th grade, I am going to look at some local Community colleges, to see if I am eligible to participate in a mechanics class.

    But really, I don't really know what to do ( don't know if I really should know). What area should I go into in college?

    Please if you have any tips, thoughts, anything like that...

    I guess I am still young... and this idea of the perfect job/business could change into becoming something totally different.

    Thank you for your time reading this, and to those who posted replies.

    -Kale J.

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    This may sound too basic, (and I appologize) but concentrate on as much math, physics, english, but consider some vocational studies as well. Nothing wrong with writing and typing skills on the side either.

    Give yourself a couple more years before you fence yourself into a job-specific path.

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    Well I went to AMI American Motorcycle Institute which is now Wyotech Daytona Beach and all I can say is it's a waste of time......if I were you I would go to your local dealership and ask if you can be their yard boy (wash boats, move trailers around, sweep,mop whatever) They will involve you more and more with service like changing out batteries,,,etc. Eventually they might even pay for you to go to a technical school to get certified...

    I say this because this is exactly what I did and I will say that experience is where you learn.........not by studying and taking test........go buy a $100 broke down jetski and take it apart then put it back will learn how things work better then following directions in the service manual......and thats all you do is read manuals at these schools.......if school is payed for by your employer then go......if you have to pay don't waste you're money

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    i agree with Hydrotoys and and also NC State is great for engineering....

    im also in highschool looking at colleges but not like NC State but just a thought

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    Trust me your plans will change a lot. I was doing the same thing when i was your age. I was always hated working with my dad (builder) Now im in my 3rd year of college for something i never thought i would be in 8th grade and i cant wait to take over my dads bussiness when im done with school.

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    if you like working with your hands and getting a bit dirty, then get a skilled trade. you will always have a job and it is a great base for moving onto other things. get some experience in the 'trenches', learn how things work from an employees point of view. take some economics classes, learn how to run a business, then go out on your own once you have the experience. never lose site of what got you there and keep in mind that your employees are what make or break you. find the right people and treat them well and everything will fall into place. don't rush it and learn as much as you can while you are young.

    good luck.

    oh and engineering isn't a bad option either

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    Yea, I would just focus on good grades in highschool. Classes you take really won't matter too much. AP classes such as, enlish, bio, government, ect. late in highschool can help you skip a few classes in college if you score high enough on the AP tests they give. Good grades = good college. About a year into college or so is when you really need to have an idea of what you want to do. Even past then you can chage your mind and most likely will.

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    why not an engineer make the ski of the future , i would like to see a hydro plain ski

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    +1 for AMI
    invaluable,,,, IF YOU CAN STAY OFF A1A-got me hooked on fl so I went to the end
    i took eveything but harley great place

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    Caution raider fan in the area !!
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    hallpass, how old are you ????

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