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    Compression issue 96 GTX

    I have a 96 GTX that had sat for a while and seized up. A friend recommended a mechanic who fixed the motor by putting in 1 oversize piston and rebuilt the carbs. When I got the sled back, it ran ok and I broke it in. It never really ran as good as it used to, so I decided to dive in. I found the carbs were out of adjustment and after fixing that it ran a lot better. Then I noticed water leaking from one of the cylinder head bolts. I checked it with a torque wrench and found four other bolts not tightened to spec. I took it out and it maxed out at 6100 rpm when I know it should do 6700+. So I went and got a compression tester. 130 on the front cylinder and 145 on the back. I assume the back was th rebuilt cylinder. My question is: is this too much of a difference and is it affecting the top end speed?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Yes, it's too much. Pull the head and verify no scoring of the cylinder walls. Replacing one piston 1mm over and leaving the other stock is not a good practice.

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