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Thread: Seadoo RXX

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    Seadoo RXX

    does anybody know why seadoo stopped making the RXX? i'm pretty sure the stock speeds are in the 64-68 mph range.. does any1 know about this ski?

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    My buds has one bought it brand new. 67 mph but they are time bombs! Yes his blew up at about 30 hrs! Slow holeshot ands midrange... Level 1 Ultra smoked his butt over and over... Came with NO warranty

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    In Europe there's a law that says every vehicle has to be warrantied for 12 months so the RXXs were warrantied, I know a couple people who went through 2 to 4 motors, in the end the French importer just said
    "Ok, we give you ONE more motor, either a stock 951 with a one year warranty or one last RXX spec motor with no warranty"

    RXXs are THAT bad.

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    What engine did they have?

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    951 two stroke with twin pipes. pm me and email address and ill send pics of the underseat.

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