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Thread: Engine size??

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    Engine size??

    I have inherited a ski with one bad piston from a client.
    Its the old green with purple trim GTX and in goood condition. No VIN visible
    Bore size is 76mm .
    I need to know what size this engine is-650? before i get a replacement piston and cylinder. I thought that they were 780 but the bore doesn't seem big enough.

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    sounds like a 95gtx. if so it had the 720 engine in it. pic would definitely help.

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    My first and best guess by the description of the trim. A 580

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    Bore on a 650 is 78mm... I think that would be a 580...

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    They never put a 720 in a GTX,94 & 95 came with 650s & almost looked the same,94 hood had a single guage & 95 had 2 guages with a visor over the guages.

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    engine size

    Thanks boys. It seems we have a 650 from 1994 as this has 1 guage, green hood, white hull and mirrors and purple trim

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