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    Bearing locating pin

    hi guys, I'm putting together another 1200r but I noticed that the locating pin on the front bearing support (upper case) has been pushed all the way in, Is there a way of pulling it out

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    I drill thru from the intake side an push the pin back. Spot the case to get the drill started straight on the angled surface. I have to sharpen the drill after it hits the pin! Your machinist with a good drill press or mill will be able to do it. I am sure it could be done with a hand drill if you are careful.

    Put some red Loctite in with a needle after the pin is pushed back.

    This will get you going.

    Lowell Horning

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    I removed one recently for Spud. I have access to EDM equipment and used a hole popper to burn a hole through the center of the pin which left just a shell. I was able to remove this with ease. The case remained in its original condition. If you can find somone who has a wire EDM shop this is a good solution, takes about 15 minutes to do the task. Lowell's method work's good also.

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    Another easy way is to weld something like a small nut on it.
    Put a nut on center then fill the nut with welding rod.
    Then you can pull it out.
    Got to be carefull
    If done right leaves a little residue to clean up but no big deal.
    I was able to remove residue with a ground carbide insert in 15 seconds.

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