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I didn't say, Yes, I was referring to the Genesis i models. ...
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... The transducer was to be mounted in the bottom of the hull. ... The directions called for removal of the exhaust system to gain access to that area in the hull. ...
The 1999 Genesis had an unusual exhaust system, unique to that model year, that had a bunch of extra exhaust hoses and underwater hull exhaust exit fittings. The original depth sensor instructions were written for that 1999 Genesis model * and never updated (as far as I know) when the Genesis exhaust was simplified for 2000 onwards.

Locating the depth sensor inside the Genesis hull should be less hassle on the 2000-2004 hulls, compared to the 1999 Genesis. The Genesis does have a dual layer hull with inner liner and floatation foam in between, so the depth sensor must be located far enough back in the hull where there is only a single fiberglass layer (I have fuzzy memory on exactly how the Genesis hull layering was arranged back there).

Depth sensor must not be above the ride plate edges and must be in a position where the water flowing underneath the sensor at speed is smooth, not aerated.

* Some Virage can also use the same depth sensor, and Virage never had the underwater exhaust or dual layer hull. For Virage the only special requirement is that the MFI display has the 4-pin Deutsch connector on the back to plug the depth sensor into. Some Virage MFI displays did not have that extra connector. On my Virage I used a Genesis MFI that had both depth and compass on the display.