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    Talking Need parts for French conversion GPRXP


    I make my GP1500RR in France but i have a small problem:

    I seek a crankshaft for RXP/RXT, it's impossible to find in "used" in France
    If someone has this part to sell in good condition, thanks to contact me by mail with pics and price:

    Payment by Mastercard or Paypal is OK !

    Thanks a lot and good ride !

    I seek also a RIVA carbon seat (for GPR) and a Rius or R-pot hood (the real or copy...)

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    I think he means drive shaft

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    Call Ted Thompson if you are looking for the driveshaft that goes between the engine and the pump.

    GO HERE:

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    It's not a mistake, i need a Cranckshaft for RXP

    mine is broken...

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    If you can't find one, try ebay. There was just one on there.

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    I saw it on Ebay, i'm talking with the seller about Shipping for France...Thanks

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    Good luck Boudha in your success...

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