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    what are my 66e cylinders and pistons worth?

    I bought a xlt800 recently with a brand new top end in it from a friend. It hasn't finished the first break in tank yet. It seems to that the 60t cylinders will have better port timing for my use. I'm assuming the 66e has the same port timing (not area) as the 66v. So, I've got almost brand new 66e cylinders/pistons what are they worth? I know they are desireable for some of the GPR guys.

    Also, I've got a single 60t core cylinder. is it better to put a sleeve in it or bore and replate?

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    ok, no reply...

    anyone want to trade 2 good running condition 60t cylinders and pistons for my 2 good running 66e cylinders and pistons?

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    why do you think the 60t is better than a bored 66e?
    i know your on a budget but..?
    hows the exhaust looking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vomitspot View Post
    why do you think the 60t is better than a bored 66e?
    i know your on a budget but..?
    hows the exhaust looking?
    the 60t has lower port timing than the 66e. I can keep and run the 66e's and I probably will. I'm tempted to machine the bottom of the cylinders to get it to have a better low end hit though.

    My mounting and exhaust manifold drawings are mostly done, I've bought some stainless supplies to get the manifold done. Unfortunatly I've been trying to get my bro's ski done intime for daytona so it's taking up a lot of my free time.


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    Whats the difference gp1300r

    What the difference between the old with gp1300r and the new gp1300r w/o power valve? Can I run these cylinders on my 2000 gp1200r?

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