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    Looking for a new job

    As I start looking for a new job I wonder how impactful my resume is. Looking at a number of jobs, it appears the listing are extremely general. Thursday I rewrote the entire resume.

    I attached the resume, feel free to rip it apart or make recommendations.

    The address and phone numbers were removed

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    Wow!! I'd hire you...Good Luck!!
    Scott, run it through spellcheck...There are 2 or 3 words mispelled.

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    Thanks Larry.
    Items were corrected.
    So far so good. Posted the original (the one posted was a modified one) on thursday and have gotten 2 phone calls.
    fingers crossed.

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    Unless you are staying in the semi world I would change all references of "tools"
    to equipment. Once I got out of semi I would confuse people when saying "tool" It has been hard to change.

    Also I would shorten your experiences, you want them short and to the point. An example would be:
    Cost Savings – Reduced cost per wafer by $1 by increasing resist usage efficiency. Area was disposing resist due to expiration criteria. Working with the supplier, devised a new resist bottle sizes which increased resist efficiency from 71% to 96%.

    to something like:
    Increased profitability by working with suppliers which resulted in increased equipment efficiency of 71% to over 96%

    Also how did you work or the Navy AND Intel at the same time? If you were in the reserves I would state that instead of leading them to believe you were full time Navy

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    Don't you love being watched?? milesengineer's Avatar
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    Were you in the navy and working for intel at the same time 2004-2006??

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    Thanks guys
    I screwed the dates up on the working document.

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    Good luck on the hunt!(job hunt not kitty reid hahahahah)
    Been there done it. It will come!!!! Resumes are the first part.

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    You need to have 2 up to several different versions of your resume.

    The primary version is for employers that are actually SEARCHING for employees. This is your resume where you list EVERY job experience you've ever had. I can't tell you how many times people are hired for a job because of some obscure skill or experience they have buried in and amongst all their other stuff.

    The other version is short and brief and that's for jobs where you submit to a large employer where an HR rep or hiring firm is involved. These are the kind of people who have to rummage through tons of resumes and want the reader's digest version. They probably won't read every bit of your resume, just your education and a scan of your experience to see if you're worth forwarding on to someone else. That next person in the shuffle is who you give your detailed resume to. (the person that's actually LOOKING to fill a position with a potential employee).

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    thanks Fatty.

    I actually have 4 versions depending on the field and the focus.
    Each have different verbage based on the area of specialty. What i am noticing though is the job postings are becoming very general where the employers can better focus on the skills that are out there.
    One of my friends is a staffing recruiter and the company he warks for job postings are so general it is very tough to match the resume to the job.
    He says making the posts general avoid 1000 resumes matching the exact criteria of the job posting.

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    Are you willing to relocate? I am looking for a Broadcast Engineer. Here is the job posting if your interested:

    WIAT-TV seeks Maintenance Engineer for our facility located in Birmingham, Alabama. Candidate must have 3-5 years experience in the broadcast industry or related field. 2 year ASEE degree in Electronics is a bonus.
    Position Requirements:
    Maintaining technical integrity of station’s on air Video/Audio signal, Transmitters Analog and Digital, Server based Grass Valley News gathering, Master Control/Production switchers, Ignite News Production, GV Non Linear editing, and ENG/DSNG News vehicles. The candidate must also posses the ability to correctly diagnose equipment problems and in a timely repair the equipment down to the circuit level. Candidate must have knowledge in digital theory, microprocessors, computer operation, as well as 10/100/1000 Ethernet, TCP/IP and ect. Must be able to posses or able to obtain a valid driver license. Position requires the ability to lift move up to 50lbs, must be able to climb ladders, work on roof tops, and in confined spaces. Please send resume to WIAT Engineering department 2075 Golden Crest Drive Birmingham, AL 35209 or fax to WIAT Engineering Department 205 320 2710. Please no phone calls.

    PM me and we can talk if your interested. OH yea we have some awesome lakes here.

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