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    SL 750 Tear Down

    hey guys,
    tearing down that 750 i bought. Got brought home today and started tearing into it. I am getting ready to pull the engine sometime this week. you might want to check my old post from before i bought it.

    anyways here are some photos, sorry it was getting dark, more to come tomorrow. tell me what you guys think...

    Blown piston

    here is the flame arrestor off, carbs look real clean, execpt the front cylinder, real real dirty, could that be from that blown piston? or caused the blown piston?

    and i got the water box out... dirty bilges too.

    also i need some help on how to get the expansion chamber out, i see all the bolts i just have no idea how to get it out of the hull. or do i just leave it in and pull the engine?

    another thing i cant find my fuel pump, i have found the line that goes to the carbs, and 3 lines that go into the block, i know those are oil. but i just cant find that gas pump.

    does the carb rack have to come off to get the engine out?

    Thanks again guys...

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    Looks like a lean burn, very common

    Fuel Pump might be bolted to the flame arrestor bottom half

    I had to move the EC around after unbolting it to get the engine mounts off and then shift the block to remove the EC from the hull. I look forward to hearing how it is supposed to be done


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    that link was a lot of help man, thanks.

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    SBT is good for sumthin

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    help please

    Hey Guys,

    having a little trouble with two things, i cant get that expansion chamber out, so i cant get the very last exhaust mani bolt out either. i also dont know which way to turn the coupler from the back of the block to the pump, is it reverse thread or regular thread? i am standing on the port side pulling the wrench hope that is right...

    also, do i have to remove the complete exhaust side to get this engine out? it seems to me like i could save a bit of frustration just lifting the engine with the exhaust mani, leaving the unbolted expansion chamber behind.

    just working to get past that at the moment. thanks guys

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    Coupler is standard threads! and I can on mine pull the motor with carbs and manifold attached while the pipe is left in the hull ! but it might be better for you to pull the carbs and intake manifold real quick

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    more stuff to do

    yeah i am just gonna try and get the last bolt out of the exhaust mani, i got the coupler off with the help of "Big Buford" our 2ft long Monkey wrench at the shop. barely pulled it, it was awesome.

    next on the list i think i have to get the expansion chamber out, i cant get to the last motor mount on the port forward side.

    so when i get it out i will let you guys know, i hope by tuesday it will be on the bench.

    thanks for the guidance guys

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    Swimmer, I pull my gas tank and oil tank out for more room and work it from the hood compartment. This allows me to pull the exhaust pipe forward, freeing up the engine for removal. The exh manifold and carbs can stay on for removal. It's a bit tight, but a wiggle and a twist, and she'll come out. Have someone to help you since it's not light and kinda awkward. Good luck.

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    Remove the front mount on the exhaust chamber and slide the pipe forward.

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