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    panama city beach 'fl

    rxp -gpr

    just quick back ground,I'm down in panama city beach,fl/when riding this pass weekend in gulf and yes it was somewhat choppy(out side 3/4 ft)
    late in day I see rxp going out pass (inlet)ran buy him hard ,but he did not know I was coming up,anyways out in gulf we started runnig hard side by side and tell the truth had hard time getting around him ,AND I think he was drinking a beer at same time!,so much for poor water stuff

    though you might enjoy,o yes did pull him by 5-6 boats BUT had to work at it AND my ski not stock. anyways still great day with new riding bud

    later cdpcb

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    Ah, PC. Must be kickin right now. ( spring break ) Man I haven't been at La Vela's in years. Or Spinakers.

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