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    2005 Seadoo wake

    Any recomendations on upgrades? Turbo,intercooler,exhust,filters,power mods? this machine is stock I am wanting to start upgrade process I have installed Riva Pro Series Sponsons and Riva Intake Grate. I have on order Riva Pro Sereies OPAS block off kit and R&D 2.5 degree wedge.
    Thank you.
    Any help and info welcome.

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    i would just use the search button and type in axactly what u want to know about. there is so much information on this site, u will def be able to find what u need. for now though, i would look into an air intake system and new prop to go along with ur mods on the way. and also a riva intake grate. welcome to the forum!

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    unfortunately there's not a very long list of CHEAP mods for your machine.

    remove OPAS

    u got most of them covered

    definitely get some a better diet of free flowing fresh air. No company really makes kits specific to your machine since it's not supercharged. You throttle body is in a totally different location. Try routing it with some nice 3" pipe to a cooler air location... perhaps an exhaust will help it

    you want big power gains, then get the ECU for the normally aspirated machines. It'll wake up your ski, but for 1350 bucks.

    what year is your wake edition?

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    IT IS A 2005

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