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    My Engine is Ruined by Dealer & BRP covers it up w/ BS

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    Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 4:57 pm Post subject:


    Del Amo Motorsports in Redondo Beach, CA is by far the worst business of any kind I have ever dealt with. When I took my '05 RXP on its first run after warranty SC rebuild I discovered that there was NO OIL in the ski whatsoever. I put in the 1 qt that I had with me after the low oil beeper went off and I got back to the dock. The beeper hadn't alerted me until I had idled out past the 5 mph zone (about 1/4 mile) and then opened up the throttle. I called the service manager & took the ski back there. The nexy day he said that they added 1 more qt of oil to bring it up to the proper level(don't believe it was "only" 1 more qt, but that would still have made it 2 qts low when they returned the ski to me after the SC work. I took the ski out again only to find that I could get no more than 7500 rpm when prior to SC work I would get 8100 rpm. Also I had black oily soot all over the rear end of ski. Michael Larkin, the service manager, agreed to pick up my ski and trailer(????) at my houseon a wed and that I could meet the tech at Cabrillo beach on Fri to witness the next test. Thurs I get a call from Larkin saying they would be testing the ski at a "private lake" and I could NOT attend.WTF? Around 5 pm on Fri he calls me to say my ski was fine and that they were able to get 7850 rpm "easily". When they brought my ski back to me the next day and gave me another BUDS printout I noticed that the number of minutes above 7700 rpm was exactly the same as on the BUDS printout from a week earlier. What about the "7850 rpms " on the "private lake" test ride? He was obviously lying to me but was so stupid as to not even look at the printout before making up his lie to cover his service dept's negligence. At this time I decided that I would NEVER let Del Amo touch my ski again. By the way, there many, many other parts that were either missing or left un-tightened after SC work that I found myself BEFORE I dide my first post SC work run. I phoned Linford @ BRP "customer service" (what a joke) and he said to take it to another dealer but NOT tell that dealer what had happened but to tell Linford beforehand where I was taking it.WTF??? This is a long story but I'll try to condense it. The dealer I took it to called BRP to see if there work to diagnose problem was under warranty and all of a sudden BRP tells them that my after market air intake (R & D) caused the "unit to run lean on 1 cylinder. ECM in machine is programmed for a certain air temperature. Modification of machine requires ECM to be adjusted and EFI needs to be remapped. Found engine compression low in center cylinder 135 down 15 psi, performed leak down test, found cylinder leaks at 20 %, inspected cylinder piston showed signs of detongtion (sic) as well as valve leakage. Engine damage has occurred from after market flame arrestor on supercharger made unit run too lean." This was quoted EXACTLY as appears on my R.O. copy from the second dealer service dept. I called Larkin and was furious that both he and BRP had conspired together to cover up for Del Amo's negligence. I'm not naming the second dealer because I don't know if they were involved in the cover up. As a result I'm left with: 1. a ski that is dying quickly (only able to get 6800 rpm now about 2 weeks after 2nd dealer) 2. no warranty 3. no Sea Doo dealer that I can trust. Oh, btw Larkin said smugly that he knew the minute my ski arrived at the 2nd dealer and that "I was running out of options, wasn't I?" It's a good thing for all involved he was not face to face with me when he said that. I would be in jail today if that were the case. You cannot imagine how pissed I am.Also btw, I had installed the R & D air intake last July (3 weeks after I bought the ski and it was in place when del Amo did the warranty SC work. Why didn't BRP not allow the warranty work right then if the a/m air intake was causing "engine damage". Why, because that's bullshit. the SC went out at 34 hrs last Nov. I now have 42 hours and 38 more $250/ month payments to the bank. To say I'm angry is to not due justice to my extere ragve at the guilty parties. Much more to say but I have to go now. Any ideas ?(LEGAL ONLY). I am in the process of legal action against Del Assholes & BRP lying fuckers.

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    Oh my God dude, that is trully messed up. I would be in jail too! Good luck.

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    I hope someone here can help you. That is a nightmare story.

    That is also why I am AFRAID to bring my honda ski, or my chevy car ANYWHERE near the dealerships.

    In this case you had to, but now I know I will check EVERYTHING before I even leave the parking lot after dealership work.

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    my situation was not this severe, but when we had a 2002 RXDI and traded that up to the GTX, I had the dealer doing the services, until I got fed up with the shit work, and learned how to do the maint myself. The RXDI failed while we were 14 miles away from dock, and had to be towed in, I was furious, then I was accused of this and that. Come to find out, that the mechanics working on my machines where we purchased them were not PWC mechanics specifically, they were Kawasaki motorcycle mechanics, can someone tell me what makes them mechanics for the seadoo`s? you know what I mean, Well I don`t go there anymore, and I`m pretty sure the dealership is closed...PR...

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    You've got a mess now that BRP is involved, BUT, they (BRP) would have to PROVE that the modification caused the breakdown. see Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

    I would bet that if you could find an independent shop that could break it down they would find SC washer parts in the case and oil pump. I think that should prove the modification had nothing to do with it.

    Good Luck,

    ps, the link is couresy of

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    Take pictures, document everything, get videos if you can. If you are going to court you're going to have to proof. Especially if you have another mechanic fix the problem and they discover that the first mechanic did not fix it correctly. But be careful even if you do have pictures or video they can contest that. If anything take it to a dealer even if it is out of the way and try to have them fix it or trade it in.

    I have experienced shitty dealers in my area and basically trust no one to work on my skis. Right now the only people that I trust with my skis is Riva. The yamaha dealership is shaky and they try to hide their incompetance with no actions. Even when they are contacted by the manufactuers. The seadoo dealership, forget it. They don't even know how to fix a supercharger clutch. If you go to a dealership ask them how it gets fixed, if they say that they have to pull the crank out or seperate the hull or anything that sounds out of the ordinary, don't let them work on it. There is another dealership that is closer than riva but they are so behind.

    The RXP is a sweet ski, I like it alot but this is another reason why I got rid of it. No one to fix it right and too much BS from certain dealerships. Look into your lemon law and see if it will apply.

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