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    Installing S/C impeller...

    Are there any installation instructions that make this a step by step procedure that I can get? Im not a great mechanic, but I'd rather not send it out and wait the extra time. Is there a certain tool I'll need to purchase to install the impeller, etc?

    Question #2. I've read about repitching props. I've got a SOLAS prop I purchased and took it back out because it per_ormed rather badly, only giving me 7,600 RPM. Can I send this prop out to anyone that can repitch it to a recommended speci..ication rather that purchase a whole new prop?

    As you can see, I want to purchase some mods , but just don't know which one to go with....


    Gerald (just north by Tampa/Clearwater/St.Pete)

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    I think the install of the SC impeller is straightforward and also keep in mind of the threads regarind the 15mm nut that might appear to be tight but is not secure against the impeller and is causing serious problems if not checked. You'll need a few specific tools that might run you about $50. A base plate to mount the SC on outside of the ski to provide ease and leverage is one and a couple others that I can't recall as I'm just going to take that money and have my Sea Doo mechanic assume the liability and apply his experience for an hour of his service (costing about $75).

    If you bought the Solas from PPG you might be able to send it back to them for a free repitch otherwise I'm hearing Impros is the best at a nominal feel.

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