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    New to waveraiders

    A friend of mine just bought a waveraider. We believe it to be a 1995 or 1997 1100cc. Anyone with enough knowledge of this sled would be fantastic. He got a great deal on it and we want to make sure it stays in tip-top condtion. Apparently the previous owner ran royal purple synthetic oil into it and we believe regular unleaded fuel. I am assuming this is a bad start to the ownership of this waveraider. We are not sure what the specs are on it and after some research, I am coming up dry. 110hp and the 1100cc size is the only two things we are for sure on. Again any polite, useful information would be great, We are in Harrisburg, Pa and are wanting to run with some locals next spring!!!!!! Thanks

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    The Raiders came out in 1994 with an 80 hp engine. It was watercraft of the year. In 95 Yamaha came out with their 1st triple cylinder engine, the 1100 Raider. They also had the 1100 raider in 96. In 97, Yamaha came out with the GP1200, a completely different designed hull and larger engine.

    In stock form the Raider should net you a top speed of mid to the high 50's. It is capable of much more speed when it is modded. It has a tendency to put spray in your face when you are riding upwind at speeds between 25 and 40. Be prepared to buy some goggles or glasses.

    It has a very stable ride, but at high speeds, the bow of the boat has a tendency to dart about in rough water. Be mindful of this, because if you are not paying attention, you could get ejected. It is a matter or learing how your PWC handles in different situations and gaining that experience. I had the impression that it was designed for straight line racing/cruising, because it planes out quickly and accellerates well. The Raider does not turn as well at high speeds as other model Yamahas. Navigating a Raider at high speeds takes a little experience and time.

    The Raider does not have variable oil injection. It uses the same ratio of oil to fuel wether it is at idle or riding wide open. Basicly this means that you will use a lot of oil at idle and your Raider will smoke a lot when you are ideling through a no wake zone. This is not unusual.

    Using a premium two stroke synthetic oil like Royal purple in the Raider is not a bad thing. Having a good running 12 year old PWC is a testamony to using a good oil as well as having a PWC designed for reliablilty. Do a search on synthetic oils.

    If this is your friends first PWC, then it will be a handful. The Raider is a powerful machine and will probably take 2 seasons to master. You will have fun. Be safe and watch out for others.

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    All I can add to salty's post is that regular unleaded is all it needs as long as the compression and porting are stock.

    If you plan on keeping the oil injection, replace the lines NOW. They are the weak link in any injection setup, and with age they get hard, brittle, then crack.

    Grab a drink, hit the search button, and be prepared to read ALOT!

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