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    Overdrive Gears for a 03 SC.

    Anyone done this modification? I had some questions.

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    Never heard of it yet...........
    WHAT is involved??????

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    I think it is just the rxp gear. I also think if you find someone with an RXP that has upgraded to the heavy duty shaft and is willing to sell you the stock shaft you will have what you need for much less. I am about to find out. I have a race ecu, intercooler and heavy duty shaft for my rxp and I will be putting the intercooler, rxp stock ecu and supercharger shaft and gear on my 03 gtx sc

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    That would be cool bankyf to hear how that works...rumor is this stuff will work but I have yet to read any such postings.

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    Well I have the Overdrive Kit, but I'm not sure how to install it.

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