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    1300 hp GPturbineR :D

    Wouldnt you love to see a conversion with a GPR and this guys engine/jetpump combination?

    I dont think SUPERMAN position would be an option anymore unless you want your chest-NUTS ROASTED over and open fireeeeeeeeeeee !

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    Yeah, I've seen a couple of turbine powered boats. Turbine Engines (or actually turbo shafts) are very well suited for marine applications. If you don't mind the deafening sound, and "depths of Hell" heat radiating throughout the boat. I saw a guy did a nice looking twin turbine baha with an engine cover and all.

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    Somebody had one at the WF's one year. Didn't see it run.

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    i wonder how the heat would affect the fiberglass and how much those engines would go for lol

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