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    Question Guidance place: 4-tec Sportster Throttle/shift issue(s)

    Sorry, the below is a bit long winded in an attempt to provide enough information in that you may be able to best advise me. I did take the time to review all posts to see if I could find prior guidance without success

    Thank you all in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide associated with the following as I am writing this from Mexico and as of now, I have not been able to locate a service provider in our greater area.

    Prior to the following incident our 2006 215 hp Sportster ran and operated flawlessly.

    The event:

    We managed to wrap a complete wake tow rope around the drive shaft through the intake. As we were operating in the ocean we were fortunate that we were able to drop anchor and after about 2 hours of diving under the boat umpteen times we were able to cut all of the rope away.

    The issue:

    After cutting all of the rope away, the motor started as flawless as ever, BUT we soon learned that the shift lever could not be fully moved to forward position (reverse appears to work as it did prior to the event). From a novices vantage point, it visually appears that the reverse gate (believe that is what the director of the jet propolsion is called) is physically hitting the full 'foward' position well before the forward control lever can reach its' normal forward position. The net result was without being able to put the boat into forward position, I could not provide throttle even though the reverse gate appeared to be in the forward position

    How we got home:

    As it was now approaching dusk and we were approximately 5 miles from where the boat could be taken out of the water, I overroad the the throttle lever by contecting directly to the throttle on the carborator (thank goodness I had an industrial sized zip tie back from my off-road racing days with me). By contorted positioning of my hands and body, I was able to pull the throttle, hold the forward lever partially forward (if I did not hold it as I applied throttle it would put the boat into reverse), and steering I was able to limp to the dock at 5-10 knots (did not try to go faster).

    What it appears like (again, from a person that knows near nothing about sea doo mechanics):

    It appears that in the process of the rope getting sucked in and wrapped around the drive that it somehow significantly knocked the reverse gate out of adjustment. Thus physically the reverse gate can not go into a more forward position well before the forward shift position can be reached. The net effect being that just as under normal operational mode that throttle can not be applied if you are not in forward or reverse (and in reverse on on a limited basis).

    All detailed guidance on what to inspect and adjust would be greatly appreciated.

    I am in a real bind in that I have friends and family arriving the end of next week for a long planned vacation in which skieing, tubing, and wakeboarding behind this boat is a big part of it.

    Thank you again, Tim

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    Thumbs up Issues Resolved - may be worth a note

    Well...after reading what seemed to be hundreds of posts, I never thought I would be able to stumpt the talent of this great board.

    The solution may be worth noting to other novices such as myself.

    The swim ladder was the ultimate issue. From close inspection, I noticed that there was an 'odd' very slight wear mark on the most forward center portion of the reverse gate. Ultimately, I determined that the wear and now the cause of my inability to shift into forward position was the reverse gate was hitting the mount for the step. Some filing, hammering and possibly over-tightening of the step mount, and all is well.

    The swim step mount is definitely a design flaw and we will not be using the step going forward.

    A couple of other items others may find of interest:

    1. The rope getting wrapped around the drive also broke one end of the intake grate. I utilized some alloy epoxy and it appears from today's test run (half tank of gas at) to hold perfectly....I was impressed after the installation how this stuff really does provide weld like hold.

    2. The bay this morning was like glass and after some inital testing of my repair work, I decided to see what the boat could do (first opportunity to run the boat on 'perfect' water conditions). I ran out of nerve after reaching a speed of 68 mph (with gps backup)...not sure how much more it had, but it had some more.... This was with 2 people in the boat> one weighing around 235# and the other 105#. Later in the day, a friend who happened to see us running the morning commented on how he could not believe how fast it was

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    You ran 68mph on a 215hp Sportster? Sixty-eight miles per hour??? On a stock 215hp Sportster?!? And you think it had more to give. Really? Be careful, there could be a waterfall at the end of that raging river you were on.

    Just how fast was your Sportster before this incident?

    If that is true, your engine is outputting well over 300hp.

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    Well the GPS and the speedometer were within a mile or 2 of each other. Got mucho other things to do with my life than make up boating stories. The boat is the super charged 215 and at time of purchase had only a modified 'performance' impellar and bearings installed (don't even know what I just wrote means). Never have had the optimal weather to run the boat that wide open prior to this as I indicated we use the boat exclusively on bay on the pacific side of Mexico. I have been able to run it along the road where I know the average speed of traffic prior and cruised in the 50s without even coming close to topping her out.....which matched the speedometer (no GPS).

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    If shes got boobs or a throttle, I'm on it! badvinny's Avatar
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    I wouldnt trust an allow epoxy fix on the intake grate for 5 minutes, it would be safer to remove the grate temporarily and order a new one immediately, IMO!

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    I'm not going to argue that there's no way you were doing 68mph, but I'll hypothesize how it might have appeared that your were. The problem is, there is no aftermarket prop that's going to give you more than +2mph without increasing engine output. You'd have to first apply some serious power modifications to the engine, then match the prop to use that power. One of the most aggressive props available, the Solas Concord 15/20 would still have to be repitched much higher, or engine RPMs would have to be astronomical to truly achieve that speed. There are other prop choices, though, besides the popular Solas Concord which remain untested on the boats, so if you've found a prop capable of taking a Sportster to 68mph, you'd be quite the hero around here by letting us know which one to use.

    My first thought was, since outside the US, you might have meant kilometers. 68kph would be around 43mph. A boat set up as you describe will have a top speed of around 56mph, 54 with a passanger. You describe the boat seemed to have more to give, so at 43mph, the boat would have had more to give. You English is very good though, so I suspect you very well know the difference between KPH and MPH.

    You say you were on the ocean. As I eluded to before, could there have been a very strong current? If that's the case, you should really run the boat the opposite direction and take an average to get your boat's top speed.

    I believe the only other option is that your boat is highly modified. Engines from the factory are all going to dyno slightly different HP numbers, but even if you were lucky enough to get the strongest, freak-of-nature out of the bunch, it would only be maybe 10hp stronger. No, your engine would've had to have some extreme performance mods, then someone would have had to really put some work into that prop to be able to use that engine power.

    Personally, I hope you've stumbled upon a magic prop that makes the 208hp Sportster (that's more like its peak on the dyno) into a 68mph boat, because after $3500.00 in mods, I would still need to drop another $4000.00 to get to 68mph.

    So what are you doing in Mexico anyway? You seem to not only have good English, but very "American" English.

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