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    VHF Radio...Which one?

    I can't decide which one to get:
    This one would be nice because with two the wife and I won't have a problem finding each other on the lake like we usually do.


    I like the FRS capibility and the fact that you can listen to other radio such as FM and AIR.

    I already have a Garmin 76S that I only use on the lake. If I get the uniden radio I guess I'll be selling the garmin?

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    That sure is expensive since you have to buy 2 of them and you already have a gps.

    How big is the lake. Here is a 6w (good for about 6 miles) $130

    Of if the lake is small (check to see if these are submersible) 2 for $80

    I use this and it is clear as a bell - $120

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    I didn`t look at all those links, but the FRS radio`s you`d need a liscence from FCC to use it, and I hear that the Uniden Voyager is good!...PR...

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    Technicially you are supposed to have a license for GMRS, but not FRS.

    I've got two GMRS radios and don't have licenses for them. They aren't too serious since you can buy these radios at any electronics store.

    Jack thanks for the links and reccomendations, but I'm already set on one of these two radios, now I'm just looking for a deal. I read some reviews of the uniden gps radio and people say it isn't too great of a gps device so if I get it I will be keeping my garmin.

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    GMRS radio license=$80 for 5years (covers family); operating w/o licence= $10,000 per offense. If you stay on chan 1-14 (FRS low power) you don't need a license. [/u]

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