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    last thing to decide on is my intercooler.. firstly i was going with the riva intercooler then after asking around allot of people down here have had problems with leaking so i was going to go with the rotax?? its super hot here can anyone lead me in the right direction of the best intercooler if there is one???

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    I just bought the piranha deal.Hope that was a good choice.

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    If you wanna spend the big bucks go with the big brand names, RR Pirahna etc...Me, and a bunch of other people are running the XS Power for less than $250 with pipes and bracket...If you do it yourself....Jerry has the IC block-off on sale for $54 now...

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    The new Piranha Intercoolers now have anodized cores that hold up better in saltwater, performance is the same as the Riva, If you are looking for the best performance, get a Riva or Pirahna, Rotax Racing Intercoolers don't perform as well but are bulletproof when it comes to leaking. I think the Pirahna is the best deal performance wise. If you properly maintain the intercooler (flushing, strainer etc.) then you shouldn't hjave a problem with leaks on any intercooler
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    well its crazy hot here so im guessing a good one would be important... think its pretty even between pirahna rr and rotax?? no reason to jump to one or the othere??

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicMS3 View Post
    The new Piranha Intercoolers now have anodized cores that hold up better in saltwater,

    Exactly! If you ride in salt water this is your best choice. The piranha will out perform the Rotax as the Rotax is too restrictive.

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