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    Question on impeller pitch....14/19...14/17....15/20...?

    What do these numbers stand for? Why is a 14/17 so different from a 14/19...? Is that number for the weight of it....for the inclination....???

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    1st number is the leading edge angle... 2nd number is the trailing edge angle

    Someone told me it's the number of inches the prop moves forward in one revolution... but I am not 100% sure of that fact.

    so a 13/18 is 13 inches per revolution leading edge, increasing to 18 inches per revolution on the trailing edge...

    So a 14/19 requires more torque/power to spin than a 14/17 because it's moving more water per revolution.... but if you have the power to spin it then ultimatly you will be quicker... but only if you have the power... For anything below a full Stage II you will find the stock pitch fine. ( 13/18 )

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