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    winterizing a 2001 1200GPR

    best way to do it/proper way

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    i just made a thread about it.. heres how I was told/how I did it..

    1. add stabilizer to the gas
    2. run machine on hose for 5 minutes to get stabilized gas into carbs/injectors
    3. hose off
    4. fog the spark plugs
    5. remove battery put it on a tender

    Go to like autozone and say your going to winterize a boat and ask what kind of stabilizer they suggest...

    and also get fogger spray from there too... then just take out the spark plugs and spray the fogger into the engine...

    and I filled up the gas/oil...

    Good Luck


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    Cool Antifreez!!!

    If you live in a area (like I do) that is prone to freezing, and your ski is outside, you must run antifreez into the motor. I take off the two water hoses that go into the top of the cylinder head, and run antifreez (100%) no mix, in each one until it comes out the back of the ski....

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    I use RV anitfreeze. It is cheaper and works the same. also it is alcohal based so it won't hurt the kids or dogs.

    I do not use fogging oil. I just shut it off and wrap it up. BUT I live in Michigan. It gets cold and stays cold. I store them out side also, I do not want the heavy fogging oil in my needle bearing. I believe the two stroke oil the protecs my motor while running protects it while it is not.

    In spring I pull the plugs, put on tbl spoon of gas in each cly and it starts up and runs good.
    This is my way, it works well, All my skis are done this way.


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