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    Impeller Re/De-pitching - Didnt know where else to put this thread

    Do you really change the pitch of your impellers by bending them with a Crescent wrench?!?! I just read the how-to in the sea-doo faq section. And that doesn't throw off balance? Is this a permanent solution? Or just to test different pitches? I'm new to the "non-Berkley" jet pump performance arena. So if thats the way its done, and it works well, with no issues, fantastic! But it just seems too brute to me to be able to maintain OEM spec balance & performance. Thanks for schooling the noobie!
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    the "new" school of thought, for many years is to bend the props. The pros do it with specialized tools, balance and check blade/liner distances when they are done. Some just bend the crap out of them with a cresent wrench and a pitch gauge. You will see great success out of both.

    I am actually headed to the "berkley camp" to learn more about single-angle props, blade spacing, and pump loading. Lots to be learned here, now that we are approaching triple digits. I'm lurking on other boards learning from folks that are pushing pumps WELL into the tripple digit range. No stuffing issues, and other gremlins either.

    It's my PERSONAL opinion, that for many years, we've been using the style props we have now due to the torque ranges/weights of the skis and two stroke engines. Now that they are pushing past the traditional limits of these pumps, we are way, way, way, way, way, way off base with our PWC pump thinking.

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    Mark, I have thought the same ... we are approaching the hp level of more traditional Berkley/Dominator/American Turbine equipped boats, and there are quite a few jet-boat tricks we have not tried on our skis yet. We have had multiple jet-boats in our family and I have looked at their setup and wondered before too ... sounds interesting, keep us posted.

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