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    What did we learn from Wrapfest 2005?

    I remember last year when people got into wrapping everything on their ski. First it was this pipe, then that one. Then all the pipes with this or that tape. Then the handlebars... just kidding.

    So after all that wrapping, did it improve anything? Where there any noticeable, repeatable improvements that came from that exercise?

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    Jarrett I am one of thse who tried it and I really don't think it was worth the trouble,it seemed like a good idea but I don't think there was any real gain from it.

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    jarret i was looking into ceramic coating my RR thru hull for less heat soak in the engine bay. and was told by pros that at that exit temperture you really don't gain anything exept the cool looking factor.

    and you got to wipe any water off on the pipe every time to keep maint and shine.

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    You won't notice any gains but if you took numbers from heatsoak I guarantee you would notice it.

    I have noticed .5mph from just turning on fans during heatsoak. Doing back to back runs with fan on /fan off. After the end of a day of riding.

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