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    Empty water out of the pipes?

    My buddy keeps his ski in the garage that is connected to his house but no garage heater. He did winterize filled the gas tank up while adding stabilizer and fogged the carbs til it quit. Then sprayed in each cylinder then cranked over couple times. But he didnt use antifreeze. With the little bit of water in the pipes will that be a concern over the winter? I always took them off and emptied them(also to replace the rubber and kevlar gaskets). Just a thought. He said it would be ok cause its not outside and in the wind and elements. Our winters get pretty cold in wisconsin.

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    i use a funnel and pull the in coming water supply off the bottom of the manifold. pour RV (pink ) antifreese in it while it is running. run until pink comes out (3/4 ) of a gallon... and shut it off.
    I store them outside.
    I never use fogg oil. i am not a believer i it. I just shut it off. I figure I put it out side and it freezes until spring. the oil from premix is there, where would it go?
    and they start so much I do not want that thick fogging crap in my needle bearings.
    But as far as your buddy? It all depends how cold it gets in his garage? if a bucket of water will freese. He may wish he had spent two dollars.

    A red neck easy way is to use vise grips on the line going to the pump to close it off,,, and pour the antifreese in the flush out line. same thing. My freinds do it.

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    Anyone have a pic of the line going to the pump?? Which line is that? I will need to add anti-freeze to my flush line this year and want to make sure I do it right! Thanks

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    what craft do you have? I'll find a pic

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