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    slt650 consumption

    Hey Guys,
    A friend of mine has the 2 cylinder slt, I think its a 650cc. He never fills his oil tank its like a bottomless pit. Any word if their are any issues with the oil pump or does this thing barely drink oil. I think he has filled his gas tank like 10 times and the oil level barely moved.
    Not used to this since on my yami's I used to fill the oil every 2 gas fill ups

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    The 3 seat 2 cylinder is a 700. I've read a few guys ask this same question, so I assume they use very little oil. (Most on this site have converted to premix) Also depends on his riding style. Lower RPM uses less oil than WOT with the variable rate oil pump. He needs to make sure the pump is working though, otherwise, SCREEEECH!!!!!! Seizure.

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    The little use of oil isn't that unusual. I fill up my oil in the spring and never have to ad any again on my SLT 780 until the end of the season. However, on my X45 thats a different story....

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    They are frugal.
    Make sure the mark on the oil pump arm is aligned to the mark on the pump housing.

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