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    Vice on Trailer...Do you have one? Pics?

    I'm going to install one on my trailer but trying to get some ideas. If you have one on your trailer, please post a picture. i want to be able to remove it when not in use.

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    I dont have one but what I think that would be a good ideal is to put a reciever hitch on the back of the trailer. You could but a raised reciever and mount a vise on it. Then all you have to do is put it in and pin it and I think it would work great. Also you could piggy back a friends trailers with one tow vehicle if is legal in your state.

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    Jarrett has a pretty easy design. He uses two vises. One he clamps to the trailer with the base mount facing upward. He connects the base mount of the second to the base mount of the first and voila, an easily removable trailer vise. And with two vises stacked on each other, it sits high enough to where you don't have to bend over to work with it.

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