Tonight Sausalito Yacht Club 8PM

Apologies for the short notice but we have a rare opportunity before us this

"The Real McCoy" is a new, as yet unreleased, documentary film chronicling the
career of the famous Rum-Runner, Bill McCoy, from whom we get the expression
'The Real McCoy.'

"A man of innovation and maritime tradition who fueled the Roaring Twenties by
importing illegal alcohol and challenging the US Government to a War on Rum.

McCoy was a new generation bootlegger who earned the name 'The Real McCoy'
because he always delivered undiluted alcohol. His Whiskey, Gin and Rum were
always uncut - and his patrons loved him for it.

Bill McCoy's transformation from modest boat builder to Public Enemy is a
legendary tale about a man who personified the tumultuous years of
Prohibition in America."

This is a one night-only showing!

If you are interested in the story and cannot make this exclusive screening,
the official public screening will be in Mystic, CT in December. The
documentary will be released to public television in Q1 2008.

I hope to see you there!