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    95 speedster info

    Hey I just picked up a 95 speedster with twin 657x's. Im new to seadoo's for I have always been a Yamaha guy. What should I expect with this boat? Where can I buy new or used seats? I already checked ebay... Best place to buy rebuild kit for the 657x? Please help!!!

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    We carry lots of jetboat parts, we also do custom seat covers for skis and boats, the only problem you may encounter with that year boat is the mpem modual, if it ever goes bad you cant replace it. The part is no longer made by BRP and they are hard to find used. The 1995 Sea Doo Speedsters that come in for repairs are usually pretty rough and beat up, there are not too many ones left in good running cond.

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    Hello, I have had a 95 Speedster for 10 years now, I absolutley LOVE this boat!! I installed a stereo system my self and this boat is scremin fast, if you have any questions let me know or PM me i do all my own engine and body work so I know the boat inside and out.

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    TV repair shops

    Can often repair your MPEM. Also on the boats not powered with the 800
    or 951, the MPEM can be bypassed with a little work. Not ideal, but should
    one go, it doesn't have to mean the death of the boat.

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    one engine Quits

    After a short run of good times one engine will quit... almost like it runs out of fuel. Mpem ??? any help would be great

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    Can the mpem 204470155 be repaired? No power to driver side on off switch or selenoid. Switch will start passenger motor when plugs reversed. No power to yellow wire with green & red stripe. 1998 speedster. any help appreciated...

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