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    WTB: Misc 4tec Engine bolts

    I am in need of a random assortment of SeaDoo 4tec bolts and fastners. If anyone has a surplus of these, or leftover from a conversion, please let me know if you would sell them to me, thanks.

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    Nobodys got any bolts for me?? I have tons of misc OEM stuff to trade I know I could get home depot stainless, but I want to keep all the OEM ones if possible, less tools to need. I'll just call my local SeaDoo dealer after this, but they are like $2-$3 each....

    Maybe it would help if I specified more on exactly what I wanted?

    The bolts (2) sets of the following bolts specifically but I'll take any random extras you have! I pay cash(well, paypal cash!)

    Fastners for - ECU, fuel rail, supercharger to block. And basically anything that has the inverted torx style head.

    Even if you have just a few, a couple people having just a few would be all I need. Thanks guys!!

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