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    93 octane in ski tuned for 87 does it help or hurt?

    ive been wondering about this for awhile. i ran a couple tanks of 93 in my gti155. i just wonder if it would be like running 87 in a ski tuned for higher octane. with my skis timing set for a faster burning rate of regular, is running the slower burning rate of premium, actually a bad thing? could it give me less power,or more important,could it cause any damage?==tirone

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    Running higher octane than needed does nothing except take more money from your wallet. Higher octane burns slower, which stops any detonation that may take place. However, on the 155 thats not an issue. BRP has that motor set up for 87, so you gain nothing.

    The SC skis are set to run on 91, BUT the computer adjusted down if you run 87, and reduces performance. It won't adjust UP on the 155

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