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    water in hull - whats' likely??

    The last time I went riding, I pulled the ski out and found a significant amount of water pouring out the drains. I had only done some moderate hard riding for about 10min or so....otherwise, just cruising around as normal.

    I checked the junction where the bailer tubes merge and everything there is fine. But I dont know where else to check for probably causes. My ski is an '05 RXP with about 55-60hrs on it.

    What should I check to figure this out? I haven't done anything to the ski except a new prop, so I dont know this ski too well yet.

    Thanks a bunch,

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    check out verns thread its pretty good ,helped me a view times

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    well there's no bilge system, correct? Just the bailer tubes?

    How can I tell if the exhaust is leaking in hull....could I see it while driving it? Same concern for IC/exhaust cooling hose.

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    if an exhaust line comes off it will fill your ski in 300 yard it is crasy how fast can check for leaks at the house with the flush .. i had not gotten the clamp from the j pipe to the waterbox tight enough once and it was leaking and i had a dit of water in the hull but the temp alarm went off and we fixed it could be just water injeston were you in big waves ort doing dougnuts with water coming over the front of the ski ??? the bailers work but can only remove so much so fast if ,,,i was wave jumping with 8 to 10 footers and the ski goes partially under on the landings they cant keep up ...i got about 6 inches of water in the bottom of the ski ...the bilers pulled it out but i had to runn in the inlet for a bit

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    ride it seat off.

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