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    Installing Riva Power cooler and Rear Exhaust

    I will be installing these pieces in a couple of weeks when I get the parts. If anyone has any tips or other information that will make the job easier, please let me know. thanks in advance


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    Prepare to beat the hell out of your hands. I did the thru hull my self and about half of the powercooler install (Getting out the stock IC and rerouting the water lines.) As far as getting the power cooler mounted and hooked up I dunno. Maybe I just dont have the right tools but the bottom bolt on the transom is a major PITA. I can barely get it out let alone back in with the IC taking up all that space.

    I've in the past few days Installed the Pro series blockoff, Riva thru hull and, Riva Power filter. I've hit the wall lol. I'm taking it up to my dealer to finish off the powercooler on monday I think. Mainly cause I want them to check it all over before I take it out since this is the first time I've ripped any jetski apart and pu tit back together. Not to mention I've been doing all this wrenching on beautiful days when I need to be riding~~~!!!

    Good luck on your install

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