Just wondering does it matter which tube goes on which side. Most of the pictures I have seen shows the inside tube going to the throttle body and the outside tube going to the supercharger. The instructions from PPG have it the other way and the plumbing fits that way so I guess it doesn't matter.
I have it installed with the new prop from riva, better holeshot but no gain in top speed RPM's down to 7700 from 8100 with stock prop GPS 67.2 Put stock prop back on RPM's back up to 8100 GPS 68.3 which was best I did before intercooler install,so didn't really see any gain with intercooler.
Where should I go now need some advice.The only thing I have not done is change from the stock sponsons, could they create drag since it sets deeper in water with the intake grate and the wedge.

2005 RXT
Stage 2 Kit