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    MSX 150 Bosh injection on S4


    I am new to this forum so hi everbody !
    I saw that some people have very interesting knowledge on Polaris runs.

    I am going to receive a new 2007 S4 in two weeks, and I was wondering if mounting a full bosh injection of an MSX 150 would work on the S4 instead of the Walbro system ??
    I have no heard about TPS problems on the MSX series (Am I right ??).
    That may represent a good gain in term of reliability...
    The MSX Ignition would provide a "cheap" 150 HP ECU instead of the high cost HSR 163 HP Kit...

    I don't know if the MSX air exchanger would fit into te S4... But if it can, why not to do that ?? Would it be possible to find on th internet the Bosh BIN files of an MSX 150 (Pressure/Fuel/advance/T correction charts), cause I'm also searching in the Programmable ECU way (Autronic SM4...).

    I haven't found any informations about that mod, that should be easy (if we can find a used full MSX 150 injection system : sensors, injectors, T sensors, ECU...)

    Let me know what you think about it.



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    Sebastien, First I'd like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    Two guys to ask about the conversion would be Jay at Atlantic Powersports and Randy at Watcon.
    Randy now represents Weber and Jay is a WEBER freak.
    Check them out and see what they say.

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    Good idea, won't be worth it.....

    Hey Sebastian,

    The MSX-150 Bosch system will not work on a Hydrospace.

    It is actually only 135hp, too, but the MSX-150 outperformed an FX-140 and was right there with 155hp Sea Doos, 155hp GP, FX-HO, etc, so 150 designation was used.

    The calibration and engine management methodology is much different because of the intake and throttle body differences between the MSX-150/110 - Bosch (single electronic TB - drive by wire, short intake runners), and the S-4 (long runners, two mechanical TBs).

    The standard runabout, boat and RIB intercooler Weber has is much higher capacity than the version we developed for the standup package, so you would need the aftermarket HSR one anyway.

    I think you would be much better off - time, money and performance - with the HSR Walbro performance calibration ECU at 140hp. Weber developed this calibration through the 2005 World Finals and HSR has refined it quite nicely since then with more testing and development.

    Weber will shortly start delivery of a 143hp Walbro ECU, but again it is set up to work with a single TB and won't work with the twin TB on the Hydrospace.

    I do agree the HSR pricing is outrageous, but I'm not aware of any good alternatives.
    Weber is too busy with OEM projects and it doesn't make sense for us to do the development for such a small market niche.

    Good Luck!
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    Hey 007, thanks for dropping in and WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

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    good info, thnx

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