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    I will be bugging out for a few days, I have an assignment coming up at Mavericks...going to leave tomorrow morning..but I want to tell all the posters here something I feel strongly about.

    I like this forum, so far it seems that the posters are intelligent, offer good advice and don't attack one another so much that its a joke.

    I can't tell you that at my age, I"m sick of cowards who hide behind their monikker and spit venom at people. I am learning form the dialogue here and I appreciate a lot the comraderie in sharing information. That is rather unusual on the internet, most people project a sick shadow onto others in forums.

    I hope it stays this way.

    Has anyone rid since the 70's on this forum? Any oldtimers here?


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    as I've told you in the past, you bring a very much needed alternate view to the riding that most do. It's a very dynamic, hard to fathom form of extreme riding for most...maybe mundane for you.

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge on us here!

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