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    250X Upgrades Stock Rules?

    Just ordered 250X and would appreicate feedback about what i should put on the ski, and what i can take off/out of the ski, also heard 2nd waterbox is removed from 08 models, can i remove waterbox from 07 model and replace with exhaust bypass and still be under stock rules. Cheers.

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    Stock Class

    You can not do any exhaust mods in stock class.

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    Qouted from the IJSBA Rulebook
    6.1.2 Original equipment parts may be updated to newer original equipment parts of the same model. The part must be a bolt-on requiring no modifications to that part or any other parts except where rules allow substitutions or modifications. (Refer to Model Homologation listing on

    if the 2008 exhaust bypass is a mod that requires no welding or cutting i guess swapping around for the 2008 parts is legal under this rule.

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    Good point but the hull needs to be modified as the exhaust outlet is now on the other side of the rear back side.

    To make it work you would have to use the 07 plumbing and new restrictive main water box.

    Just because they went down to one box, it does not mean it is less restrictive. I will be grtting one soon enough to tear into.

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