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    '06 RXP vs '06 GPR- Need Everyone's Opinion

    My friend is looking to buy a watercraft so i told him he needs to do some research and find out which one is best for what he's looking for. All I am asking for is an unbiased comparison between the two. The good and bad sides of both ski's. He want's a jet ski to just go out and have some good ol' fun and from what he told me i think he wants to go faster than stock. Instead of giving him just my personal opinion, i'm a little biased, i would like for everyone to chime in on this and voice their opinions. Thank You.

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    Alex, you came to the right site for an UNBIASED opinion......


    By the way, that is one SWEET paintjob!!


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    Thank you. I also have the same exact post on both sites just to make sure. I personally like both ski's. He originally wanted to go fast on a honda. I swear i didn't laugh.

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    I'd say it goes like this:

    If he's looking for bang for the buck potential the GPR is the way to go. Dollar for dollar the 2 just don't compare right now...

    However having said that...if he's going to take the GPR route he is going to have to wrench...maybe not a lot but it's going to happen and it's especially going to happen if he starts modifying it...It can be made faster at this point but the extra speed potential has a price in wrench time required (plus once you start talking serious speeds they're both expensive)

    Now if just wants to bolt up parts, go faster and not wrench he needs to buy a RXP...It will cost more up front but for the most part the only wrenching required is going to be slapping on some parts and picking up speed (and periodic oil changes...) He won't be able to get it ultimately as fast but it will be easier to get the speed he can get...

    Additionally the RXP handles 2 up riding better and has more range...

    SO the GPR equals less cost, more potential, more work (currently)

    AND the RXP equals more cost, less potential, less work (currently)

    Again realize this is from a rec standpoint...if you've got the money to burn you can make either haul ass...

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    Alex, for sh!ts and giggles, you could look at online pwc magazines to see comparison`s side by side or go to the news stands...sometimes it`s easier to compare models when seeing things in print form right in front of you, good luck with your friends decision...PR...

    I personally am not happy with the SC clutch issues of the 4-tec`s. I really liked our RXDI, still wish I had it, but being environmentally friendly opted to uprade to the GTX...

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    GPR is a 2 stroke
    RXP is a 4 stroke :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADAMBOMB
    I live in New Tampa.

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    I have had two GPRs (2000 and 2004) and ran a 2005 RXP last year. Both skis need some parts to really run to their potential, and to be really reliable. I like 4 strokes ... how many guys have posted about their 2 strokes losing cylinders and blowing up motors due to minor things, air leaks, lean mixture, etc. The 4 strokes are more forgiving and should last longer. Both skis need an intake grate and prop ... on the RXP, add an air intake and you have a 71 - 72 mph machine for very little additional cash.

    The main thing that worried me on the RXP was the clutch, but there are metal washer out for that now. Replace the ceramic washers with metal ones, and you then have a very fast, very reliable ski. The supercharger whine and power is addictive ... and there are more and more mods coming out all the time. I have replaced my washers with metal ones and am pretty confident about having another trouble free season on my RXP.

    The handling on the RXP is good ... yes, the GPR has a better hull, but the RXP is very good as a recreational boat, and rides two up better than my GPRs did, plus the seat is not as wide on the RXP.

    The hull of the RXP seems very solid and well built and it is fiberglass ... not SMC like the GPR. More shops will repair fiberglass if anything happens to the hull.

    I went 4 stroke and have no regrets and would not go back to 2 strokes ... both boats are fast, nothing else out there is even close right now, but I would not trade my RXP for any GPR, I really like the RXP.

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    Both Sirhc7897 and Vern said it best.

    I had a GPR, modded it and got tired of wrenching. Got the RXP and I'm very happy. The past two days went riding by myself with no worries.

    You won't go wrong with the RXP IMHO.

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