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Thread: drive on docks

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    drive on docks

    who makes the best floating drive on docks for a pair of rxt/rxp in salt water???

    jet dock?
    ez dock/ ez port 3??

    thanks in advance,


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    Jet dock is probably the best. Most durable and hurrican proof. It's modular so it can be adjusted. But its modular don't know how much it flex. Down side is that they are really expensive and come only in black. That's hot during the summer and if you walk on it doesn't feel good on your feet.

    Sport ports and hydro ports and jet ports all about the same. The only thing with the hydroports is that it has rollers. This saves your hull from scratches. With the sport port and jet port you will have scratches on the hull but you can reduce the amount by spraying cooking oil on the rails. ( Pam spray ) Use cooking spray it works well and does not pollute the water.

    The Jet port is going to be your least expensive and they are a little bigger than the previous Jet Ts. Your RXT should fit on there with no problem. You can almost buy 2 of these for the price of one of the others. These also have huge connecting holes on all four corners. If you dont use the back 2 it makes for a convient way to lock down your craft.

    All of these are really easy to install. And they work great, there is nothing easier for loading and unloading. Barnacles and algae will form on them but they won't weigh down the lift.

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    *This post edited*... sorry for the earlier error on Jet Port.

    Of these three models, Hydro Port, EZ Port, and Sport Port, most of us chose the Hydro Port, for two reasons - rollers and lift. It will rise higher when loaded than the other two. The Sport Port we saw, when loaded with a 4-tec GTX, left the ski's pump just touching the water. He may have not had it pulled forward sufficiently. He did tell us it is tough for one person to push it off (and he's a strong lad).

    All-in-all, 19 of our group have Hydro Port, two have EZ Port, and one Sport Port....... and all of us have trailers taking up parking

    I have no experience with Jet Port.


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    have you tried the ez dock's EZ PORT???

    it has rollers and it costs the same as the Jet Dock (expensive) and claims to be just as well made and keeps the boat out of the water

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    I errored in my previous post and have corrected it. The Jet Ports I talked about earlier were in fact EZ Ports. The EZ Port is a fine product, not as brightly colored as the Hydro Port, and also has rollers. However, to get an EZ Port II to work correctly with a 4-tec, you need to buy the add on piece.


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    ez port III

    the EZ Port III is made for the rxt and rxp witha 1300 lb capacity

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    What ever one you buy. Make sure you paint the bottom Or you will be scraping the bottom of it at the end of the season. Like my stupid friend did. By not listening to me. And boy it was heavy with all those barnicals on the bottom it.

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    really? i have to add bottom paint???

    jet dock told me that no water will stay on it with their think barnacles will grow when stationed on a det dock????

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    I think he meant to paint the jet dock....

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