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    4-Tec Oil Filter Cap O-Rings

    I am only using one o-ring (thicker one) on my cap in the captive groove, however, several times when I order the lid o-ring - I get 2 o-rings. Should I be using one, or two o-rings on the oil filter cap (one is thick and one is thin).

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    the thin O-ring is the top one, secondary seal and the thick o-ring is the lower primary seal. as long as you don`t rip or damage the o-rings you can you them over once or twice. I say it`s just cheap insurance to replace all of them depending on how often you do the oil change service with filter.
    on a stock boat some peeps have gone over 50 hours of use. if you are an aggressive rider than I would do it sooner.
    On modded ski`s it`s your call some as early as 10-15 hours with these high boost SC`ers and blow-by related gas dilution.

    I still change my oil at 25-30 even tho I use Amsoil synthetics with the K&N oil filter from Jerry`s store...
    just decide which fits your characteristics...PR...

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    i think the thin one is useless, if you dont use it it wont make any difference.
    make sure the thicker oring around the inside of the cap is in good condition, and lube it up with fresh oil when you side it in, it will slide better and less chance of getting pinched or twisted.

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