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    Got a new look and have a Question for the pro's??

    So today i pick my ski up from ICERAT and everything turned out great i love the work that he did everything came out great i would reccomend him to everyone.......... let me know what u guys think about the nnew paint job on the seat cowl...........

    also i just found my camera and decided to take a picture of somethin on my motor that i was not sure what it was ......some kind of build up of something or some kinda loose hose noticed about a few months back.... the ski run great so i dont no what it could be... it is only on the one side ........... thanks alot for the help !!!!!

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    can anyone help me out ?>???

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    have you touched it or tried to clean it?

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    Thats just dirt...

    Pull the dipstick, then pull the cover off (put stick back in)...hit it with some cleaner, like 409...Let it soak, get a crappy toothbrush, spit-polish to a shine....

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    Yup then after you clean it with the 409 and toothbrush let it dry all the way and then spray it with bombardier lube to shine and protect it.

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    who again did your work? its looks awesome, i want my rear grab handle matched to my hood that color.. seat is black, stock handle bar insert is black, need something to even out the yellow

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