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    I just came across this while looking:

    I just came across this from the Yamaha (headquarters, I think) main page website...
    look at the name on the bottom of the article...PR...

    "ICON" - The GP1300R

    In early 2000, Yamaha released a ski that not only changed the face of watercraft racing, but also that of the entire performance watercraft world. The hull was in the finest sense, a conundrum, especially for the competition. No other hull on the market before, or since has showed such flexibility. It has many titles behind it ranging from winning IJSBA closed course world championships, from winning endurance races such as the Mark Hahn 6 hour long 300 mile memorial race to shattering flat water speed records at the Mud Bug Nationals.
    A quick look at the GP®1300R reveals a very wide seat. There is no doubt that this was designed around the winding, powerful snaking exhaust pipe that was impossible to improve upon over the years. To this day, the “single pipe” GPR is an icon in many circles. This unique seat and the rest of the sculptured top deck have proven to be a favorite among many riders and racers alike. It is often said, you ride “in a GPR, not on a GPR,” referring to the seating position that naturally holds you in the seat like no other ski. Adding to the mystique of control was the Yamaha brand of horizontal steering, the flexibility of adjustable trim tabs, moveable sponsons, countless aftermarket rideplates and scoop grates, and you have a ski history that is nothing short of a fabled Greek Goddess of the water.
    To the eye, the lines of the GPR are aesthetically pleasing. The rounded shapes and flowing lines are a massive departure from the angular shapes of today’s skis. In simple words, it screams smoothness, quality, hot-rod, sport-bike and race craft all at one time. This ski does not exist in the middle of any road; you know it the first time you lay eyes on it. After 2008 when Yamaha no longer sells this masterpiece of the water, rest assured there will be many GPR’s for years to come. It is a design in nature to a 1960s big block Corvette®, or a 1955 Chevrolet® hard top.
    In the 9th production year, the GPR has proven itself in every arena. Great manners, good acceleration, coupled with excellent Yamaha reliability. No other ski can fill the void of this venerable ski, nor match the performance in the racing world.
    Jerry Gaddis

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    He is a Rock Star!!!!

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    He's a very famous star... - Congrats!...

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    well said jerry, you summed the GPR up perfectly.

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    Even if i'm pro-Sea-Doo i must admit that the GPR is really mythic...

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