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    Kawasaki or Yamaha

    Hi Guys,
    Wondering if anyone could offer me some advice (good or bad) on which 2008 jetski to buy. At the moment I have 2 skis in mind, the Yamaha FX HO and the Kawasaki STX-15F. I'm new to the sport and both look like great PWC's. The FX is a little more expensive in (A$'s) than the STX, however I think the FX has a few more features and better finish quality. The STX has a bigger engine 1500cc compared to 1000cc, however they both produce the same hp at stock.

    I'm plan to use it to pull my mates on skis, wakeboard, tubes etc and take the gf for a ride. I dont plan to grab mass air and will mainly be using it in the ocean/surf.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards the Kawi because of the larger volume engine (doesn't have to work as hard and more room for improvement) and the cheaper price. But I'm open to discussion.

    If anyone could let me know of your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it...

    BTW this is an awesum forum.... heaps of good stuff on here..

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    I like Yamaha for their reliability.

    If you haven't seen it all ready, check out Jerry's write up about the new Yami's.

    Keep us informed as to which one you choose.

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    It all comes down to a matter of preference and what is more important to you. I recently priced these two units as I was deciding which one myself. I decided on the 15F mainly because I was happy with my previous 1100stxdi and was familiar and satisfied with its handling characteristics being they share the same hull. Also, Price was a big factor for me and as you said, I'd rather spin 7K rpm with a 1500cc versus 10K with a 1000cc.

    The 15F will run you about $3K less OTD, it has a very slght edge on performance over the FX. The FX has a few more features (adj trim, cupholders) a better rough water ride and a slight edge in build quality in my opinion. Not sure on gas milage but would say the yamaha may have a minimal advantage at cruise speeds being smaller cc. Reliability like with most ski's is determined by how well you treat and maintain it. Many will say Yamaha is more relaible and that may be, but with todays ski's, they should all last several years if taken care of. I have seen threads with many hundred of hours use on both of these ski's without any major problems. Let us know which one you chose and good luck.

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    Either way both are great skis I have my second and third 15f on order now. So its a no brainer for me. But.
    You really need to ride both to form your own opinion on which ski you would prefer. Each has a different attitude to skiing. The 15f has been described as a 2 seater with 3 seat capacity. The FX 160 is a 3 seater without a doubt.
    Only you know what YOU want. Ride both.
    Good luck either way in Aust they are within 2k of each other. So bargain hard.

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    I've ridden both and both are nice skis. 15F has a flatter bottom and tends to get more air, FX has a better rough water hull. It all depends on what you're looking for. Sit on them and see how they fit you and take each for a ride if possible.

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    I would go with the STX-15f it is much more nimble and fun to ride and slightly faster on top-end. If you have back problems...etc I would go with the HO because it is better in rough water and is more of a cruiser with more features.

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    Cheers for that...
    I think that I'll go with the 15F over the FX. I mean if you had endless money and in a perfect world, you would get the best of everything, so you would probably go the ultra250x, FX SHO or the RXP-X (as long as the SC doesn't S*^T it self!!!). I like the fact that the 15F has 500cc more to play with and the reliability that comes with the kawi motor..all the guys in OZ who have one say that they don't have any probs with the ski and its the best 3 seater in the market.
    I was just wondering though... whats the acceleration like?? dudes over here say that it matches the RXP, is this true or crap?? I mean it only weighs 337kg and has a 1500cc, 4 cyc, 4stroke engine it

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    If I remember correctly, There is one dude on here that has a 15F with a few mods that says he has beaten or hung wiith some pretty quick ski's in acceleration. Other forum members have backed his claim up. Run a search for yourself.

    I have never run against another ski with mine yet being I recently purchased but I would say that the RXP would easily out accelerate the 15F. The 15F seems like it will hold it own but remember that it is a 3 seater without a supercharger and 55HP less than the RXP.

    It is hard to beat the value on the 15F especially with the newly reduced MSRP. My dealer honored the lower 08 MSRP on my 07 plus took off a good chunk of end of model year (incentive) $$$ so that made up my mind fairly easy.

    I truly wanted a RXT-X or SHO but could not justify the extra $5K on unproven fiirst year skis. Look at some of issues the 250X had in their first year. The SHO with the wet sump and drive by wire concern me but they may prove to be relaible? How well will that nano-nano hold up to punishment?

    The "X" skis are sweet but look how long it took seadoo to admit that their ceramics were a problem and 5 years later swithed to metal. How many owners had to deal with their ski's sitting in the shop for a month with 10 hrs on the clock? How many motors wound up ruined? Why did it take all them years to make this simple fix? I have my own opinions on that but that is another thread. The "X" hulls have not changed and I have heard of some having issues with delaminatation.

    With that said, in a few years I would consider replacing my ski with one of these units after any bugs have been worked out and they have proven themselves. $12K is a lot of money to wait in line to get one of these so it could sit in the shop for half the summer...Not saying that it will happen but who can say that it won't at this point in time.

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    Hey Pep-Sea,
    Its true what you say about value for money and putting trust into new model line ups... its a bit risky outlaying the dosh only to find out that ur ski spends more time getting fixed then getting ridden..!!

    Theres a firm over here thats producing bolt on turbos for the 15f that can extract 400 horses. so a 240hp gain. It will out pull anything..if thats what your after I guess..

    Think I'll go with the Kawi...and hope its not a green hand grenade like the KX dirtbikes... thats another story thou..

    Thanks for your help mate,

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