I have to take full responsibility for what I am about to describe. I am the one who had a "brain fart" !! I broke one of my own rules about the water,"never ASSUME anything!"
Wife and get to the lake yesterday with our '05 RXT's and while taking a break in a dead end no wake zone, ran into a buddy of mine and his girlfriend(oh my god is she HOT!)who were there with their boat for a day of waterskiing. I mentioned that I had just bought a pair of waterski's with every intention of learning how to do it this summer. They offer to teach me,so I tied a dock line to the BACK of my boat and tossed the other end to my wife and ask her to just hang on to it for a few minutes,and I jump into their boat. Well,it didn't take to long for me to realize that water skiing is NOT as easy as SNOW skiing !!! As we are heading back to where we left the wife,I see her towing MY RXT,BACKWARDS,back into the no wake zone!! I had never even THOUGHT about the wind pushing her AND my boat out into the traffic pattern,and I damn sure never told her NOT to tow it ass-backwards!! AS soon as I see that,I said to myself........."OH SHIT...........boy did I ever screw up"
Fortunately,it started right up with no problem(as I let out a HEAVY sigh of relief!)she only had to tow it about 50ft to get back into a safe area. Talking with the wife afterwards,she told me she really didn't THINK it was a good idea,but I had left her no choice. Her only other option was to jump off her boat,change the line to the front of my boat,and risk getting blown away from HER boat, all of this out in the middle of a lake FULL of waterskiers,wakeboarders,tubers and of course,PWC's!
THAT, definately could have turned into a BAD situation, really quickly.

Lesson learned. NEVER tie off your boat from the rear unless it is on the TRAILER!