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Thread: Yamaha XL 1200

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    Yamaha XL 1200

    Posted this in another forum, I would appreciate your thoughts here.

    HI Folks,

    I am looking for my first machine. I have been looking for 3 months now, and have now viewed 11 diffferent machines. I found a local machine I have seen it in person that I'm interested in. A 1998 Yamaha XL 1200, 116 hours, two crarft trailer. I have been through the Group K buying guide and checklist. The guy was asking $4K last week, needs to sell by December (moving). He kind of blew me off when I said he was over priced. Today he is listing it at $3200 OBO.


    Low Retail Average Retail Base Price $3,400 $3,830 Options Power Boat: PERSONAL WATERCRAFT Jet Ski/Watercraft Trailer - 2-Craft $480 $545 TOTAL PRICE $3,880 $4,375

    November 5, 2007
    1998 Yamaha XL1200 WaveRunner
    Suggested Retail Value

    What should I offer, anything bad to consider on this particular craft? I am looking for a 3 seater for the family, towing tubes, kids etc. A little fun for Dad by himself etc. so 100HP+ is kinda nice.


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    XL 1200

    Hi, first and formost--I am NOT an expert!! Just going to tell you my experience. 3 years ago I purchased a 2000 XL 1200 with 115 hours. I should have done more research. I didn't even know about this forum. Very expensive to have worked on. I'm not much of a mechanic.The 2000 was very prone to catalytic converter problems. Should be replaced with a D plate and sensor from Riva. Triple carbs can be very touchy, throttle shafts tend to bind when they get worn and cause the throttle to stick open. VERY dangerous. Mine didn't like warm weather. Ran much better in the spring and fall. Now for the positive side. Very stable to ride, and plenty of power. Mine ran 58 with 200lb me and full of fuel and beer cooler. Thats radar!! My advise is do your homework!! I went 4 stroke and fuelinjection.

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    My brother had a 1998 XL1200, then we both bought 1999 XL1200 Ltds. There is a big difference ... Jimyed, your ski had a different motor altogether, it had the powervalve engine, the 1998 does not, Yamaha went to the 155 hp powervalve engine in the 1999 and up XL. The 1998 ski has the 135hp non-powervalve 1200 motor, which is arguably much more reliable since it does not have the catalytic converter or power valves. My brother regretted selling his ... he preferred it to the 1999.

    I don't know the market price on that ski, but if a compression check and a test ride come out good, it is normally a reliable ski. Top speed likely around 55mph I think ... been awhile ... hopefully others can add more ...

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    I just reiterate my post on the other forum! non pv motor ! easy to work on! great resale and dependable, but parts for the motor a getting rare in the used department however they are still available new down to every nut and bolt Z

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    Any more info before I make an offer on this ski....thinking of offering $2400. In the Pacific North West, the season is over save for the diehards. Thanks for all the replies so far.


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    If he sells for 2400 then he must be desperate!

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    if its in good shape thats a $3000 ski all day long-if you dont want it i will buy it for $2500-great ski!

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    I have one you can have for 2500, just call unishippers and find out how much to ship

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