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    Question How does one check the SC washers on a SD Jet boat?

    Hey all-

    Newbie here...I'm currently in the market for a 05' or 06' SeaDoo Sportster SCIC pre-owned jet boat.

    I have read a lot about the whole sc washer failure issues and realize that this is a must do.

    So, my question is this...
    If or when I find a pre-own boat to potentially buy, is there a way to check to see if there has been any washer failures? I mean I know there is a way for a Seadoo boat mechanic in a garage setting, but is this something a non-mechanic can do while inspecting a boat prior to purchase? For example, if one knew how, can they do it with a flashlight and hand tools? If so, is there a link to a thread on how to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You pull the hose off between the SC and Throttle body and stick your fingers in the SC and see if you can spin the SC impeller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    You pull the hose off between the SC and Throttle body and stick your fingers in the SC and see if you can spin the SC impeller.
    Thanks for the response. But for someone who isn't familiar with the engine (like me), is there any pix or online tutorials which shows where the hose is and how to remove it? Also, what resistance of the sc impellar should one expect to find assuming the washers haven't already failed.

    My first and only experience with watercraft was with a Seadoo RX DI pwc which I learned the basics of routine mait. and winterizing for jet propolusion. The whole jet boat / 4-stroke / supercharger thing will be new to me but I'm confident I will learn to work on it with a little help from sites like this.

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    I am pretty sure there is a ton of info here, try the 'seach' button. You should not be able to turn the SC impeller by hand(fingers actually)if it is setup and working properly. And it isnt the hose between the SC and throttle body it is the SC end of the 3"air intake hose(back of motor on the bottom)and you try to turn by the impeller blades with your fingers.
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